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Pursuit of social influence!

Uri Hertz discusses his two new papers showing how we aspire to influence others and what that tells is about human mental health. In the last few weeks the entire world followed two men in their mid-late 70s spending time, money and energy in order to spend even more time, money and energy, while holding […]

How to Sway Voters

what goes on in politicians’ head?

Why do we join groups?

Two heads can be meaner than one.

New Paper: Shared Responsibility in Collective Decisions

Marwa El Zein, Bahador Bahrami and Ralph Hertwig Accepted in Nature Human Behaviour Abstract: Research investigating the motivation for making collective decisions has focused primarily on the improvement of accuracy in collective decisions and less on other possible motives. We argue that a strong but neglected motive for making collective decisions is minimizing the material and […]