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Why do we double down on the stupid things we say?

why is it so hard to accept that we were wrong?

why does it feel so good to be someone’s coach

We prefer to give (rather than receive) advice; why?

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facial expressions do not tell us much about extreme emotions

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Belmi, P., Neale, M. A., Reiff, D., & Ulfe, R. (2019). The social advantage of miscalibrated individuals: The relationship between social class and overconfidence and its implications for class-based inequality. Journal of personality and social psychology. by Zahra Arjmandi Why do rich people remain rich for generations and poor people struggle to change their fortune? […]

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the advantage of being fake

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Is there any benefit to get from politically polarised teams

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Marie Devaine,Jean Daunizeau. Learning about and from others’ prudence, impatience or laziness: The computational bases of attitude alignment. PLOS Computational Biology,2017 by Amir-Hossein Tehrani Safa (*) Interacting with others lets us learn about their subjective preferences, feelings, attitudes and desires. In Psychology, the ability to interpret others’ explicit behavior and infer their hidden mental states or attitudes […]

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Sometimes science is hard and experiments are not decisive

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Emery, N. J., & Clayton, N.S. Effects of experience and social context on prospective caching strategies by scrub jays. Nature (2001) Are complex social behaviours – that many of us may think of as specific to humans – observed in animals that we normally would not think of as smart? To answer this question, Emery […]

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What happens in our brain when we look at attractive and ugly faces?