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موش‌ها به آدم‌ها: “من چشم می‌گذارم، تو پنهان شو.”

آیا موش‌ها می‌توانند با هم بازی کنند؟ با ما انسان‌ها چطور؟

Forecasting together, a discussion and updates

group discussions improved the accuracy of the forecasts

Cool paper in 3 min (5)

Emery, N. J., & Clayton, N.S. Effects of experience and social context on prospective caching strategies by scrub jays. Nature (2001) Are complex social behaviours – that many of us may think of as specific to humans – observed in animals that we normally would not think of as smart? To answer this question, Emery […]

Alignment in body & mind: Investigating and quantifying alignment in dynamic social interactions

6-8 May 2019, Munich Germany The interactive conference on social alignment will take part in May in Munich. Speakers from around Europe will present novel methods, exciting computational techniques and new ideas as to how we become aligned with others during rich social interactions. At the end of each of the two-days, we will hold […]