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Research Assistant Position in Eye tracking and Human Behaviour

Employment for 1 years.

The expected starting date is 15.04.2021

Application Deadline: 31.03.2021

The successful applicant will assist in designing, conducting and analysis of data to understand and enhance collective decision making in humans.  

This post is part of our 5-yr European Research Council (ERC) funded project focusing on Overconfidence in Social Interactive Decision Making. The project is hosted by the LMU Department of Psychology, started in September 2019. As part of the project, the applicant will join the interdisciplinary research group Crowd Cognition and will work under the supervision of Dr. Bahador Bahrami, as well as the lab’s network of international collaborators associated to the project.

Job description:

The appointee will be expected to

• develop research ideas and plan and implement experiments (ethics, design, programming);

• conduct experiments and collect data from adult human subjects; • perform statistical analysis (with particular focus on using computational modelling to interpret behavioural and neuroimaging data);

• prepare reports and articles for publication;

• attend regular meetings and contribute to the research environment;

• supervise graduate students and research assistants

• work as part of a team.


The successful candidate will have

1.         BSc or MSc in system/cognitive neuroscience, physics, computer sciences, economics

2.         a strong background in quantitative methods (machine learning, computational modelling of human behaviour)

3.         interest in interdisciplinary projects combining humanities, biomedical sciences and math

4.         Knowledge of experimental design, statistics and data analysis is expected.

5.         Strong command of linear algebra, probability theory and programming (eg R, Python, Matlab) is essential for this post.

The position is for 1 years The appointment will be made within the German TV-L E 13 salary scheme.  Mastery of the German language is not necessary for the position, and all scientific exchanges are conducted in English.

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