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Congratulations to our most popular blogger: Parnian Rafei

Crowd Cognition’s most prolific blogger, Parnian Rafei will soon be heading out to Dublin to start her PhD in cognitive neuroscience of decision making and habit breaking with Claire Gillan.

Parnian’s background (BA and MSc) is in psychology and clinical psychology. She is a practicing clinical psychologist with extensive experience in counselling. Above all, she is an expert in human neuroimaging. She has, in her research used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study brain changes in substance use and abuse focusing on cannabis.

Parnian has written three posts for crowd cognition: Psychedelics and brain, cannabis and mental health, and fact and fiction about CBD and her posts have attracted had more than 4200 readers! Her writing is clear and accessible which are the two most important characteristics for good communication of science.

Parnian has, in her MSc, done so much work that there is already enough material for one and half PhD. She is a great example and a worthy ambassador for a new generation of young scientists hailing from Iran and contributing to the excitement and diversity of scientific research.

Big congratulations to Trinity College !!

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