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Alignment in body & mind: Investigating and quantifying alignment in dynamic social interactions

6-8 May 2019, Munich Germany

The interactive conference on social alignment will take part in May in Munich.

Speakers from around Europe will present novel methods, exciting computational techniques and new ideas as to how we become aligned with others during rich social interactions.

At the end of each of the two-days, we will hold a roundtable discussion based on some pre-determined questions of interest as well as questions from the audience.

On day two, we will also enjoy a short musical interlude followed by questions with the musicians for some insight into how professional musicians coordinate non-verbally.

Registration is free but required for our planning for attendance and catering.

Please email m.fairhurst@lmu.de to confirm registration as well as if you have questions you would like added to the roundtable topics.

For more information about our exciting line up of speakers, program details and how to find the conference, please visit here

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